3J USB-M2K User Manual

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1.1 Summary

USB-M2Kis a USB phone embedded with 128M memory drive. Once you plug it into your computer’s USB port, the softphone stored in memory drive will auto run without any additional installation, login in the account stored automatically, and then you can make VoIP calls.

1.2 Features

1.Built-in128M bytes memory drive

2.Auto-runfunction under windows 2000 sp4 and XP

3.Embedded in Softphone with account information

4.Softphone and account information can be stored to be readable for end user

5.Un-plug& close automatically without affecting PC system operation

6.With ear-phonejack

7.No need sound card

8.Echo cancellation, full duplex communication

9.PC-to-PC,PC-to-phone,Phone to Phone operation


1.3 System Requirements

1.Windows 2000 or XP

2.400MHz processor and free USB1.1 or USB2.0 port

3.128MB RAM and 15MB free disk space

4.Any broadband connection or minimum 33.6 Kbps dialup

1.4 Package Contents

1.One USB-M2K

2.One user manual

3.One USB cable

4.One ear-phone

2 Using USB-M2K

For example: Embed Skype into USB-M2K.

2.1 Install Skype

Download Skype software from www.skype.com.

Double click Skype installation program to install it, select the destination folder toUSB-M2K’s“autorun” disk.

Note: If you have installed the Skype program in your computer, you just need to copy the whole folder “Skype” to autorun disk.

Open the “autorun.inf” file in autorun disk, made “Skype.exe” as autorun program.

For example: The program “Skype.exe” is in the folder “Skype\Phone”, you can write as below: open0=Skype\Phone\Skype.exe

2.2 Connect USB-M2Kto PC

WhenUSB-M2Kis connected to PC, Skype program which was embedded willauto-run.

Log in Skype with Skype account.

You can create a Skype account as shown below:



After software startup, the icon will appear to the system tray as shown below:

That indicates the Skype are successfully connected to Internet. If the icon is shown as, you have to check your Internet connection.

2.3 Connect ear-phonetoUSB-M2K

Plugear-phoneintoUSB-M2K,then you can use it to talking.

2.4 Set USB-M2Kto Skype Sound Devices

Execute “Tools->Options->SoundDevices” to open the window as below:

Set “Audio In” and “Audio Out” to “USB Audio Device”.

Now you can use skype as usual, and use ear-phoneto talking.

Note: You just need to log in the Skype account for one time. When you want to use Skype program next time, you just need to plugUSB-M2Kto PC, and it can be used in different PC, no matter whether the PC have installed Skype program or not before.