3J USB-BG3 User Manual

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While you are out, the USB Skype Diverter will divert all incoming Skype calls to your mobile phone, and it’ll divert your PSTN calls to Skype, you can make calls to Skype contacts and make calls to any phone all over the world via Skypeout by your mobile phone. You can take advantage of Skype and SkypeOut anywhere and anytime.


1.Support “Call divert” function (Skype divert to PSTN and PSTN divert to Skype)

2.PSTN Voice Mail function

3.Send/Receive both Skype calls and regular PSTN calls

4.Phone rings for all incoming Skype and PSTN calls

5.Sound card not needed, echo cancellation, noise reduction

1.3System Requirements

1.Windows 2000 or XP

2.400MHz processor and free USB1.1 or USB2.0 port

3.128MB RAM and 15MB free disk space

4.Any broadband connection or minimum 33.6 Kbps dialup


1.4Package Contents

1.One USB Skype Diverter

2.One USB Cable

3.One Telephone Cord

4.One User Manual

5.One Installation CD

2 Physical Features

Connect to regular phone


Connect to PSTN line

Connect to PC

3 USB Diverter Installation

3.1 Install the Skype Software

Note: If you have previously installed the Skype software, proceed to3.2

Insert your Installation CD into theCD-ROMdrive of your computer.

ClickInstall Skype software. You must have a connection to the Internet since you will need to download this software


from the Skype Website. Follow the on-screeninstructions to install and launch the Skype software.

After downloading the software, you will need to create a Skype account. Follow theon-screeninstructions.

3.2 Connect your USB Diverter

Connect the USB Diverter to an available USB port on your computer with the USB Cable

Connect the USB Divert to the PSTN line

Connect a telephone set to the USB Diverter with the telephone cord

When you see the POWER and PSTN indicators are activated, that indicates the USB Diverter is connected successfully.


3.3 Install the USB Diverter Software

Insert your Installation CD into theCD-ROMdrive of your computer.

ClickInstall SkypeMate software. Follow theon-screeninstructions to install the USB Diverter software.

After installing the software, you will be prompted that another program wants to use Skype. SelectAllow this program to use Skype and click OK.

4 Basic Function

4.1 Skype Divert to PSTN

(1) Right click the icon on the taskbar and selectDivert.


(2) The window shown as below:

(3)Select Skype to Phone to enable the function.

(4)Set the phone number you would like to divert, in the Divert to box. e.g, domestic 5702000, international 00865925702000

(5)Test the function by doing following steps

Call in from Skype, the phone rings


After 3 rings, all 3 indicators are activated and forward the call to diverted number

4.2 PSTN Divert to Skype

(1) Right click the icon on the taskbar and selectDivert

(2) The window shown as below:


(3)Select Phone to Skype and PSTN VoiceMailsto enable this function

(4)Set password (required) at the Phone password box. e.g,: 123 (minimum 1 maximum 6)

(5)Test the function by doing following steps

Call your USB Diverter Line from your mobile phone, and then the phone is ringing

After 3 rings, all 3 indicators are activated. A voice message can be heard through the mobile phone.

Enter your password followed by #(eg:123#) to select the divert function.

When you hear the dial tone, enter theSpeed-Dialnumber of your Skype contacts followed by #.

4.3 Make PSTN/Mobile Calls

Dial the phone number.

4.4 Make Skype Calls

(1)You will first need to have a list of contacts in Skype. In Skype, click Add a contact and follow theon-screeninstructions to add a new contact.

(2)Set up the speed-dialfunction

Right click on contact.


Click AssignSpeed-Dial.

Enter aspeed-dialkey, e.g 11, for the selected contact and click OK.

(3)When you call your contact, enter the speed-dialnumber and press #.

4.5 Receiving a call

The phone connected to the USB Diverter will ring for all incoming Skype and PSTN calls. The corresponding indicator will be activated. Pick up the handset or press the Hands Free key to answer the call.


4.6 Review PSTN Voicemails

Open the Divert window. ClickPSTN VoiceMails button to check the Voicemail list. Select one of the Voicemail and click


The Voicemail will be played through the default audio device of Windows. To change the default audio device please do following steps:

Click WindowsStart,Control Panel,double-clickSounds and Audio Devices.

Click onAudio and select your primate audio device


5 Advanced

5.1 Set Skype to Phone Divert features

Open the Divert window, there are 4 relative features, see below:

(1)Skype to Phone: Enables the Skype to Phone Divertfunction, unselected, disable the function.

(2)rings, then divert: How many rings before diverted.

(3)Divert to: If a phone number is set here, the incoming call will be diverted to this phone always. It can be a PSTN phone number or your mobile phone number.

If the Divert to box is left blank, you can place call to any phone number when hear the dial tone or see the message, ”I am out, call me later”


(4)Select Contacts: Click Select Contactsbutton to open the window, see below:

There are two boxes: the right one and the left one. The left one displays all your contacts. The right one lists the contacts calls that will be diverted.

You may add contacts from the left box to the right box or remove contacts from the right box.

Note: The default setup is allowing all contact calls to be diverted.

5.2 Set Phone to Skype and PSTN VoiceMails features

Open the Divert window. There are 3 features relative to the

Phone to Skype and PSTN VoiceMail function , see below:


(1)Phone to Skype and PSTN VoiceMails: Enables the Phone to Skype and PSTN VoiceMailsfunction, unselected, disable the function.

(2)rings, then divert: How many rings before playing VoiceMail.

(3)Phone password: Use for ID confirmed. The call will be diverted if you enter the correct password. It can’t be left blank.

5.3 Normally Setup

Right-clickthe USB Phone iconand clickAdvanced. This will openAdvanced window. In this window you can configure the following options:


Select or unselect the Outgoing call displays Skype window. If you select this feature, a Skype window will appear when you place a call.

Select or unselect theRun when Windows starts feature. If you select this feature, the USB Phone utility will automatically launch when your computer is turned on.

Choose 1 of the 2 channels as the default channel.

When you finished adjusting these settings, click OK for the changes to take effect.



Problem 1

I am not able to hear any sound through the earphone?


Please execute the “Control Panel->Soundand Video ()->Audio”,setSound Playback andSound Recording’s preference device to your sound card. See below:

Problem 2

I can’t play music through the USB Skype Diverter?


Please execute the “Control Panel->Soundand Video ()->Audio”,setSound Playback andSound Recording’s preference device to “USB Audio Device”.


Problem 3

The voice is played from the PC’s sound card instead of the USB Skype Diverter when I make/answer a call?


Execute “Tools->Options->SoundDevices” to open the window as below:


Set “Audio In” and “Audio Out” to “USB Audio Device”.

Problem 4

Skype is running, but the icon of SkypeMate still show as (the phone is green and the outside is grey)?


You have selected the wrong option, go to Skype, execute choose “Tools->Options->Privacy->“Manage other programs’ access to Skype”, choose the needed option, click “Change” button to open the “Manage API Access Control” windows, and make another selection.

USB Skype Diverter Ver.1.2