3COM 4005 User Manual
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3Com Network Supervisor 19

3Com Network

Download your free copy of 3Com Network Supervisor from


http:\\www.3com.com\tns. 3Com Network Supervisor provides powerful


yet easy-to-usenetwork management tuned to the needs of small to


medium enterprises. Automated operations and intelligent defaults assist


network managers while advanced features are also available.


An intuitive user interface focuses on the tasks and information all


managers need in order to take control of their network. A discovery


wizard finds IP devices and links on the network including the 3Com


Switch 4005 and NBX telephones providing true converged network


management. It will discover up to 1500 devices excluding phones. 3NS


version 3 automatically detects network misconfgurations and


optimization opportunities.


After discovery the network structure is automatically mapped to provide


a graphical display of devices and connections. Working from the map


the network manager can quickly monitor stress, set thresholds and


alerts, view network events, generate reports and launch device


configuration tools. 3NS version 3 introduces key “Smart Event Engine”


functionality enabling users to automatically spot recurring and correlated




To provide fast notification of problems 3Com Network Supervisor alerts


announce network problems via audio/visual alarms such as pagers or


SMS messages as well as email.


Network event tracking and reporting of network capacity, inventory and


topology as well as the ability to generate custom reports facilitate


proactive network management.