3COM 4005 User Manual
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Software Configuration Guide



The Switch 4005 Software Configuration Guideprovides information


about the switch architecture, the management interfaces, the default


software configuration that exists when you first power up the system,


and how to customize the software features.

Printed Copies

A printed copy of this guide is included with all Switch 4005 chassis. For


your convenience, a wired binding allows the document to lay flat from


any page.


You can order a printed copy of this guide as well as a copy of the


Switch 4005 Installation and Maintenance Guide (as a packaged set) with


order number 3C16839.

Electronic Copies

You can download an electronic copy of this guide from the 3Com Web


site. Click the “Find Documentation” link on this page:




The 3Com Web site contains the most updated version of this guide, or it


may contain “addendums” (additional information) to the version that


you received in your shipping box. We recommend that you consult the


Web site for the latest documentation. Corrections to this guide are


noted in Switch 4005 Release Notes.