3COM 3CRWEASYA73 User Manual
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Quick Start Guide

3Com Wireless

802.11a Outdoor Building-to-Building

Bridge and Access Point

3CRWEASYA73 / WL-575

The 3Com WL-575802.11a OutdoorBuilding-to-BuildingBridge and Access Point provides IEEE 802.11a or 802.11b/g wireless access to the network. The bridge offers a fast, reliable, and costeffective solution for connectivity between remote Ethernet wired LANs or to provide Internet access to an isolated site.

Power is supplied by Power Over Ethernet (PoE) using a:

3Com propriety PoE Injector (output: 48V 60W)

About This Guide

This Quick Start Guide describes the basic installation of the bridge. It covers the following topics:

3Com WL-575OutdoorBuilding-to-BuildingBridge and Access Point

Observing Safety Precautions

Step 1: Unpacking the Bridge

Step 2: Preparing for Installation

Step 3: Mounting the Bridge

Step 4: Connecting External Antennas

Step 5: Connecting Cables

Step 6: Connecting the Power (PoE Injector)

Step 7: Checking the LED Indicators

Step 8: Aligning Antennas


3Com WL-575OutdoorBuilding-to-BuildingBridge

and Access Point Features

Bottom View


Water Tight Test Point



Console Port

PoE Connector



Grounding Point


Top View

Integrated Antenna





Antenna Connector

Antenna Connector

Antenna Connector

(2.4 GHz)

(5 GHz)

(2.4 GHz)





Console Port

Connect the console cable (included) to the RS-232console port for accessing the



POE Connector

The PoE port serves two functions, one in providing a means to supply power to the


unit and two as an Ethernet port providing access to the web browser interface.


The Ethernet port provides a 10/100BASE-TXEthernet connection to a 3Com Wireless


LAN switch. The connection can be direct to a 3Com switch or indirect through an


intermediate Layer 2 or Layer 3 network.


Use a standard Category 5e cable or better with straight-throughsignaling and


standard RJ-45connectors to connect the bridge to the switch on the network.


The bridge should be powered via proprietary Power Over Ethernet (PoE) power




The LEDs indicate power and activity. See “Checking the LED Indicators” on page 11


for details.

Antenna Connectors

Three N-typefemale antenna connectors allow you to connect antennas that operate


in 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz bands.

Water Tight Test

CAUTION: Do not remove or loosen this screw. Doing so could lead to damage of the




Grounding Point

In the event of electrostatic shock the connection of an insulated cable to the


grounding point to an earthed point protects the unit from excessive electrical


discharge. A grounding screw is provided in the package contents.

Integrated Antenna

Built in 5.0 GHz flat panel high-gainantenna.



Observing Safety Precautions

This equipment must be installed in compliance with local and national building codes, regulatory restrictions, and FCC rules. For the safety of people and equipment, only professional network personnel should install the bridge.

WARNING: To comply with FCC radio frequency (RF) exposure limits, a minimumbody-to-antenna distance of 20 cm (8 in.) must be maintained when the bridge is operational.

WARNING: To avoid possible injury or damage to equipment, you must use power supply equipment that is safety certified according to UL, CSA, IEC, or other applicable national or international safety requirements for the country of use. All references to power supply in this document refer to equipment meeting these requirements.

1 Unpacking the Bridge

Make sure that you have the following items, which are included in the package:

One 3Com Outdoor 11a Building to Building Bridge and 11bg Access Point

Mounting bracket and hardware

One Weatherproof Category 5 network cable

One Weatherproof Console to RS232 cable

PoE power injector/ Ethernet connector and AC power cord

One grounding screw, not attached

This Quick Start Guide

One CD-ROMcontaining the Setup Wizard software and User’s Manual

One Warranty Flyer

Optional: One N-typeRF coaxial cable

2 Preparing for Installation

It is advisable to connect and check the PoE connection, Ethernet cables, and LEDs before installing the bridge in a hard-to-reachlocation. Additionally, observe the following items before mounting or connecting the bridge:

Installation Item





Make sure that standard Category 5e cable with straight-throughsignaling is


installed at the site before you install the bridge.

Power Requirements

Power should be supplied via the 3Com proprietary POE injector.