3COM 3CR858-91 User Manual
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This chapter will guide you through a basic installation of the Router,




“Positioning the Router”.


“Connecting the Router”.

Safety Information

WARNING: Please read the “Safety Information” section in Appendix D before you start.

VORSICHT: Bitte lesen Sie den Abschnitt “Wichtige Sicherheitshinweise” sorgfältig durch, bevor Sie das Gerät einschalten.

AVERTISSEMENT: Veuillez lire attentivement la section“Consignes importantes de sécurité” avant de mettre en route.

Positioning the


You should place the Router in a location that:

is conveniently located for connection to the telephone socket.

allows convenient connection to the computers that will be connected to the four LAN ports on the rear panel, if desired.

allows easy viewing of the front panel LED indicator lights, and access to the rear panel connectors, if necessary.

When positioning your Router, ensure:

It is out of direct sunlight and away from sources of heat.

Cabling is away from power lines, fluorescent lighting fixtures, and sources of electrical noise such as radios, transmitters and broadband amplifiers.