3COM 3CR858-91 User Manual
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Support/Feedback 89

To display log information:

1Select Status and Logs from the main menu, then selectLogs from thesub-menu.The Logs screen displays (Figure 63):

Figure 63 Logs Screen


Click Refresh to update the display. Or,

Click Clear to clear the log (note that all current entries will be erased). Or,

Click Save to save the log to disk in a text file. When prompted for a location to save the file to, specify a filename and location, and then clickOK.

Support/Feedback SelectingSupport/Feedback from the main menu displays theSupport screen and theFeedback sub-menutopic.

Support Selecting theSupport option on the main menu displays the support links screen, which contains a list of Internet links that provide information and support concerning the Router (Figure 64).


Figure 64 Support Screen

Feedback Selecting theFeedback option on thesub-menudisplays the Feedback screen and allows you to provide feedback to 3Com on the operation of your Router (Figure 65). This screen should not be used to obtain technical support.

Figure 65 Feedback Screen