3COM 3CR858-91 User Manual
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To upload a firmware file from your PC to your Router:

1Select System Tools from the main menu, then selectUpgrade from thesub-menu.TheUpgrade screen displays (Figure 52).

Figure 52 Upgrade Screen

2Click Browse to display the list of currently saved firmware upgrade files. The file you select displays in the text box.

3Click Upgrade to upload this firmware file to your Router.

Admin Password The Router ships with a default password ofadmin. 3Com recommends that you change the password for added security. Keep your password in a safe place as you will need this password to log in to the Router in the future. 3Com also recommends that you set a password if you plan to use the Remote management feature of this Router.

System Tools 77

To change the password:

1Select System Tools from the main menu, then selectAdmin Password from thesub-menu.TheAdmin Password screen displays (Figure 53).

Figure 53 Admin Password Screen

2Enter the current password into the Current password text box.

3Enter the new password into the New Password andConfirm New Password fields.

4Type in a Login Timeout. This is the amount of time you want the Router to remain inactive before it returns to the login screen. The default is 10 minutes.

5Click Apply.

Time Zone The Router keeps time by connecting to a Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) server. This allows the Router to synchronize the system clock to the Internet. The synchronized clock in the Router is used to record the security log and control client filtering.

You can specify which SNTP servers the Router will use to update it’s system clock, although doing this should only be necessary if you are experiencing difficulty.


To configure time zone settings:

1Select System Tools from the main menu, then selectTime Zone from thesub-menu.TheTime Zone screen displays (Figure 54).

Figure 54 Time Zone Screen

2Select the Base Date andBase Time. The Router will use these settings if it is unable to connect to the Internet or SNTP Server.

3To enable SNTP, check the Using Time Server (NTP) check box.

4Select a time zone from the Set Time Zone drop down list.

5Enter the interval, in hours, at which to want the Router to resynchonize with the SNTP Server, at the Synchonization Interval text box. The default is every 24 hours.

6Select a primary SNTP server, and if required a secondary SNTP server from the appropriate drop down boxes.

7If you want to enable daylight saving, check the Daylight Savings check box.

8Select the month and day that you want daylight savings to begin at Start Time, and select the month and day that you want daylight davings to end atEnd Time.

The Daylight Savings option advances the system clock by one hour between the dates that you specify in the Start Time and End Time drop down lists. It does not cause the system clock to be updated for daylight savings time automatically.

9Click Apply to save the settings.