3COM 3CR858-91 User Manual
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Select either Network orHost as the local type setting.

Enter the Remote Server IP address in the text box.

8If you want to enter details of the remote network, check the Remote Network Setting - Enable check box, then enter theRemote Network Address andRemote Subnet Mask.

9Click Apply to save the settings.


SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) allows remote


management of your Router by a PC that has an SNMP management


agent installed.

You can configure the following SNMP parameters:

Community — This configures the SNMP community string, which authenticates remote users.

Trap — You can also configure the Router to send status messages to the SNMP management agent if a problem occurs on the network. This is done by using Traps.

To set up SNMP Community and Trap parameters, do the following:

1Select SNMP from the main menu. TheSNMP screen displays (Figure 48).

Figure 48 SNMP Screen

2 SelectEnable to activate SNMP.