3COM 3CR858-91 User Manual
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This guide describes how to install and configure the OfficeConnect

Cable/DSL Router (3CR858-91).

This guide is intended for use by those responsible for installing and setting up network equipment; consequently, it assumes a basic working knowledge of LANs (Local Area Networks) and Internet Routers.

If a release note is shipped with the Cable/DSL Router and contains information that differs from the information in this guide, follow the information in the release note.

Most user guides and release notes are available in Adobe Acrobat Reader Portable Document Format (PDF) on the 3Com World Wide Web site:


Naming Convention Throughout this guide, the OfficeConnect Cable/DSL Router is referred to as the “Router”.

Category 3 and Category 5 Twisted Pair Cables are referred to as Twisted

Pair Cables throughout this guide.