3COM 3CR858-91 User Manual
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Accessing the Wizard 35

DNS Figure 19DNS Screen

To set up the Domain Name Server (DNS) information for your Router, do the following:


Check the Automatic from ISP check box. Or,

If your ISP has provided you with a specific DNS address to use type the DNS Address in the text box.

Optionally, you can type a Secondary DNS Address in the appropriate text box. Leave this box blank if your ISP has not supplied a secondary address.

2Click Next to display the Hostname and MAC Address screen.

If you selected the Dynamic IP Address option earlier in the Wizard, the LAN Settings screen now displays. Go to“LAN Settings” onpage 37.


Hostname and MAC Figure 20 Hostname and MAC Address Screen


1Some ISPs require a host name. If your ISP has this requirement, enter the host name in the Host Name text box.


If your ISP requires an assigned MAC address, enter the values for a

MAC address. Or,

If the computer you are now using is the one that was previously connected directly to the cable modem, select Clone. Or,

To reset the MAC Address to the default, select Reset MAC.

3Click Next to display the LAN Settings screen.

Accessing the Wizard 37

LAN Settings Figure 21 LAN Settings Screen

LAN Configuration

This section of the screen displays a suggested LAN IP Address and Subnet Mask for the Router. It also allows you to change the IP address and subnet mask.

DHCP Server Parameters

The Router contains a Dynamic Host Configuration (DHCP) server that can automatically configure the TCP/IP settings of every computer on your network. To set up the DHCP Server, do the following:

1Activate the DHCP Server by clicking the On radio button.

2Specify an IP Pool range in the IP Pool Start Address andIP Pool End Address text boxes. The largest available continuous IP pool will be automatically entered. If this is not appropriate, make the required changes.

3Specify the DHCP Lease time by selecting the required value from the Lease Time drop down list. The lease time is the length of time the DHCP server will reserve the IP address for each computer.

4If required, enter a Local Domain Name.

5If you use 3Com NBX telephones, enter the IP address of the NBX call processor at 3Com NBX Call Processor.

6Click Next to display the Configuration Summary screen.


Configuration Figure 22 Configuration Summary Screen


When you complete the Setup Wizard, a configuration summary displays. Verify the configuration information of the Router and then click Apply to save your settings. 3Com recommends that you print this page for your records.

If you have made changes to the LAN Settings, you may need to reconfigure the computer you are using in order to make contact with the Router again.

Your Router is now configured and ready for use. See Chapter 5 for a detailed description of the Router configuration screens.