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3Com® NBX® IP Telephony Solutions R6.0 | North America





NBX® V3000 ANALOG(3C10600B-XX)

Ideal for smallto medium-sizedorganizations that require integrated applications with easy installation and management.

Operation in either NBX Call Control or Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) mode

Four integrated central office (CO) line ports; one analog station port

Standard four ports by 400 hours auto-attendant/voicemail (AA/VM), scalable up to 72 ports

10/100 uplink port; 100 Mbps backplane

1,500 device capacity (stations/trunks)

15 Group 2 phone licenses included in base solution

SIP-readyfor business applications and devices (requires 512 MB memory upgrade 3C10240 for SIP)


When redundancy is a must, the V3001R is the solution for organizations that require maximum uptime, where revenue is tied to the phone system.

Operation in either NBX Call Control mode or Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

Redundant, hot-swappablepower supplies; optional redundant hard disks (RAID1)

Standard four ports by 400 hours AA/VM, scalable up to 72 ports

Dual 10/100 uplink ports; 100 Mbps backplane

Four-slotexpansion chassis for additional analog stations or trunks (T1/E1, PRI, BRI, Analog)

1,500 device capacity (stations/trunks)

SIP-readyfor applications and devices


CALL CENTERS—Affordable,professional and efficient services that enhance call handling and increase revenue.

NBX platforms running R6.0 software operate in

NBX Automatic Call Distribution (ACD): integrated call center application withbuilt-intwo-seatagent evaluation license; offers five types of routing

either standard or Session Initiation Protocol

algorithms, agent workgroups, detailed reporting, and supervisor status with monitor, whisper, and barge-incapability

eXchange Call Center:server-basedcall center application; offers advanced andreal-timereporting,wrap-upcodes, voice announcement of calls in

(SIP) mode. The standard mode builds on the

queue, and agent and supervisor desktop software





success of generations of NBX platforms, while





EPICCenter from EasyRun: sophisticated call center solution to support multimedia, advanced queuing and routing and inbound/outbound activity.

the SIP mode allows interoperability between






NBX IP telephony solutions and a broad range of





3Com and third-partySIP-compliantdevices and

Voice messaging: 400 hours of voice storage standard(non-SIPmode)




applications such as IP Messaging, IP Confer-

IP Messaging: advanced NBX in SIP mode voice messaging; ships with find me/follow me service and 12 ports enabled (scalable inone-portincrements)

encing and SIP trunking. Customers can start

IP Conferencing: hosted bridge for NBX in SIP mode for scheduled andad-hocconferences (standard25-seatlicense)

out running in standard mode and migrate from

Desktop Call Assistant (DCA):on-screendialing and contact management software




standard to SIP mode when such a change

Complement Attendant Software (CAS): desktop application that takes the place of an attendant console

ExecutiveAssistant: designed for executives and sales people, features find me/follow me service, call recording andspeech-recognitionauto-attendant

matches their needs.

Education Module:auto-dialerforK-12organizations; offers absentee tracking, malicious call trace andauto-attendantfor homework hotlines








3100 ENTRY (3C10399B)

3102 BUSINESS (3C10402B)

3106 CORDLESS (3C10406A)*


Four fixed feature buttons

18 programmable buttons

Multiline display


Single-linephone service

Multiline service

1,000 ft. (305 m) range from

Single-userlicense included per

Ideal for doorway and common


base unit

NBX R4.1 or higher platform


Ideal for power users

Ideal for mobile office workers

Ideal for teleworkers







3101 BASIC (3C10401B)

3103 MANAGER (3C10403B)

3107 CORDLESS (3C10407A)*




Four programmable buttons

Gigabit PC port

Multiline display




Multiline services and display


Long-lifebattery withtwo-slotcharger







Ideal forday-to-dayoffice use

Multiline services and display

Ideal for warehouse and mobile




Executive and manager phone









(3C10392 – ANALOG;


3101 W/SPEAKER (3C10401SPKRB)


3108 WIRELESS (3C10408A)


3C10390 – NORSTAR;



3C10391 – MERIDIAN)


Four programmable buttons


802.11 b/g wireless IP phone






Works with NBX in SIP mode




Multiline services and display

100 station selections

Ideal forin-buildingor




Ideal forday-to-dayoffice use












*Available in North America and Mexico only. **All 3Com IP phones require a phone license (Group 0, 1 or 2) to operate. See the NBX Price List for pricing and ordering information.




Firstpure-IPPBX in the market (1998)

Need a feature-rich,pure IP telephony platform

Is your current system working and giving you

Migration-ease;when ready, move to SIP mode

Require the investment protection of a migration

what you need? Any pain points? Focus on:

from standard NBX mode call control

path to SIP-basedcommunications

Capacity of system (voice messaging andauto-atten-

Backed by the experience of over 28,000 systems

Moving or relocating facilities and want to gain

dant ports)

Staying competitive with new applications, such as

installed worldwide

the benefits of a secure converged network

call centers for enhanced customer support

Voicemail support for 12 languages/dialects

Currently have Centrex, a voice service provided

Relationship with current vendor

with localized NBX NetSetend-usersupport

by a service provider, and want a more cost-

Are you spending a large part of your communi-

for United States English, Latin American

effective, in-housesolution

cations budget on moves/adds/changes (MACs)?

Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Italian

Outgrown the voicemail port/digital line/station

Do employees work from home? On the road?


ports of the organization’s key system or PBX

Do you need a single system to provide telephony

Voice messaging(VM)

Want tosave money on toll charges

services to multiple locations?

Auto-attendant (AA): automated answering service

Need to consolidate trunk connections(analog or

Do you anticipate the need for additional office

routes callers through key-paddialing, “Press ‘1’

digital lines coming into the business) to lower

for Sales, ‘2’ for Customer Support…”

space? Adding new business locations?


Automatic Call Distribution(ACD): call coverage

Do you have a need to remotely manage and

Want acontact center to improve customer service

option with reporting capabilities can ring a phone

maintain systems for multiple offices?

and increase professionalism

or group of phones in a pre-definedpattern

Will you planning a moving to a new location?

Call Detail Reporting (CDR): graphical reporting

Current phone system is being discontinued by

Is your current PBX or key system under lease?

software provides statistical analysis of calls made

the manufacturer and want to transition to a

If so, when does the lease expire?

and received by the NBX system

single, converged voice/data network (ready to

Voicemail/Email Integration:feature allows users

evaluate new phone system)

Does your current phone system support

to access voicemail messages via their email inbox

Having difficulty acquiring parts and phonesfor

worker mobility? Telecommuting?

Software scalability; grow through licensing

a legacy phone system

How are the needs of mobile workers within

rather than costly hardware upgrades

Phone system lease is expiringand need to

your office building being supported?

Feature-richphone portfolio; match requirements

evaluate a purchase/lease of a new system

How are calls handled by your customer

with nine IP phone model options

Need an easy-to-managecall centerwithout a

support/help desk?

Third-partyphone integration

separate management interface

How is your front desk/reception area being

Easy installation withplug-and-playrecognition

Having difficulty administering current PBXthird-

staffed? Is that solution working well?

of 3Com IP phones

party application server

Does your organization now offer atoll-freeor

Easy administration with a singlebrowser-based

Need to reduce administration burdenand empower

800 number? If so, how are those services

interface, NBX NetSet utility, makes individual,

users to control functions such as speed dials,


group, or system-widechanges

Does your organization need support for a

call forwarding and call coverage options

Virtual tie lines (VTLs) or SIP trunks connect

Ready forGigabit-to-the-desktop(1,000 Mbps)

language other than English?

multisite locations

for faster throughput, lower latency and

Will your organization be moving to SIP

Gigabit-to-the-desktopperformance (3Com 3103

advanced phone-basedapplications

trunking sometime in the future?

Manager IP Phone)

Want a single cable for both voice and datato


Ideal for financial, retail, education, law and

save money on additional cable runs and ease


insurance industries

installation of IP phone system








A comprehensive communications solution for the small- to-mediumbusiness customer with the need for wireless, IP telephony and switching services. The single SKU(3CREADYV75-XX)includes the following components and ships in a single box:

3Com Unified Gigabit Wireless PoE Switch 24 combines Gigabit switching, Power over Ethernet (PoE), and a wireless controller in a single rack-mount or table-top unit

3Com NBX V3000 Analog Platform offers an easy- to-manage turnkey IP telephony solution with builtin applications

3Com 3103 Manager Phone enables Gigabit connectivity and performance

3Com Wireless 7760 11a/b/g PoE Access Points

(two) provide wireless coverage

Additional 3Com IP phones, connectivity devices and access points may be added to meet evolving needs.

The 3Com NBX V3000 PoE Bundlenow features a 3Com Baseline Switch 2426-PWR Plus and NBX V3000 Analog R6.0 Platform (3CV3000PWRB)


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