3COM 1000BASE-SX User Manual
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2-Port1000BASE-SXand2-Port1000BASE-LXGigabit Ethernet Interface Modules Quick Start Guide


Audience Description This guide is intended fortrained technical personnel only. Do not attempt to install, remove, or replace a CoreBuilder 9000 GEN Interface Module if you have not had the proper training from 3Com. For training information, call1-800-NET-3COM.

Safety Precautions When you handle components in a CoreBuilder 9000 system, be sure that you follow all safety precautions. To avoid electric shocks, burns, or equipment damage, read and follow these warnings:

WARNING: Allow only trained service personnel to install, remove, or replace a GEN Interface Module.

WARNING: Hazardous energy exists within the CoreBuilder system. Use extreme caution when you install, remove, or replace a GEN Interface Module.

When the system is on, never insert metal objects such as a screwdriver or a finger with jewelry into open module slots.

When the system is on, do not touch any connections within the chassis with your hands or fingers. Do not insert metal objects into the backplane.

WARNING: To ensure optical safety when installing GEN Interface

Modules, comply with the following precaution:

Although the data communication lasers used in this product meet the regulatory requirements for casual exposure to the eye, as with any source of bright light, it is advised that you do not look into the light source.

Laser Safety Information: IEC 825 and EN60825, Class 1 Laser

Device. For connection only to Class 1 Laser Devices.



FDA Class 1 Laser Device

This product complies with U.S. Department of Health and Human

Services Rules 21 CFR Subchapter J applicable at date of manufacture.